How to Take Screenshots and Screen Record on Microsoft PowerPoint

Business workers and students alike are likely to be familiar with the respected PowerPoint software by Microsoft that has pioneered how we experience presentations and how we make them. Screen recording has been introduced in Microsoft Office 2013 and remains a core function in the office suite that is loved by many. If you need to integrate a video of your work process into your presentation you can find the screen recording tool on the “INSERT” tab (marked in green):

Launching the tool will produce a small pop-up window at the top of your screen that allows you to select an area on your screen, record audio from an attached microphone and record the mouse pointer. You can start the recording by clicking on the solid red circle above “Record”:

The user can later stop the recording by moving the mouse over the area on top of their screen and clicking on the square icon to stop the recording. The recorded video will automatically appear on the slide where you initiated the screen recording.

You might not like the basic functionality of the screen recording in Microsoft PowerPoint if you value control, quality and seek to have a small video size. We would like to recommend that you try the iScreenKit software and make quality video capture for your PowerPoint presentations. The iScreenKit application supports a wide range of customizations that include:

  • Number of frames per second

  • Video quality

  • Picture zoom

  • Web Camera feed

  • Microphone feed

  • Real-time camera window control

  • Frame aspect ratio (16:4; 4:3; 3:2; 1:1)

The iScreenKit has a built-in video editor that allows users to cut their video into a shorter clip, save the video in MP4 format that is supported by the majority of device with media playback capabilities as well as save individual frames as screenshots. Some users may be particularly interested in iScreenKit’s ability to export short clips into GIFs (animated images) that many Internet users love to share on social media and platforms like 9gag and Reddit.

iScreenKit is a powerful screen recording and screenshot utility that would be a valuable addition to the toolset of any student and office worker that work with presentations, spreadsheets, and text documents. The app comes with a free 14-day trial period and a competitive subscription plan. Your team collaboration is likely to improve by using iScreenKit in your daily routine.